HIAB Lift and Shift

Hiab Lift and Shift Crane in Operation

What is HIAB Lift and Shift

HIAB is a brand of hydraulic loading crane that is often used for lifting and transporting heavy objects. “Lift and Shift” is a term used to describe a type of service that involves lifting and moving objects or equipment from one location to another using specialized equipment, such as a HIAB crane.

The HIAB Lift and Shift service is typically used in industries such as construction, transportation, and logistics, where heavy items need to be lifted, transported, and placed in specific locations. Our HIAB Lift and Shift service is ideal for tasks such as moving heavy machinery, construction materials, shipping containers, and other large and bulky items.

Our HIAB crane is operated by a trained professional, who uses the crane’s hydraulic arm and winch system to lift and move the load. The crane can be operated from a distance, which allows for safe and efficient lifting and placement of the load, even in tight or difficult-to-reach areas.

For businesses and industries that require heavy lifting and transportation of goods we provide a cost-effective and efficient solution for moving large and heavy items, we can help your businesses save time and increase productivity by reducing the need for manual labour and minimizing the risk of damage to goods during transport.

Benefits of HIAB Shift and Lift from CAJ

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